We'll Do The Heavy Lifting

Elevate is a hospitality brand that provides the support and technology needed to stand out from large chains and broaden your reach - so you can maximize revenue, every time.


Why Elevate

Elevate is a hospitality brand that provides standardized quality rooms in budget and midscale hotels, bed & breakfasts and guest houses. Our goal is to help your property stand out amongst an over-supplied market by offering a differentiated positioning, and give you access to the technology that allows you to reach more of the right guests.

That’s right, we’ll do all the heavy lifting.


Grow Your Customer Base

You’ll reach more customers from millennials to baby boomers, even during slower travel seasons.


Increase Your Revenue

We maximize your room rates through distribution and revenue management, using our robust data-driven revenue generating tools.


Simplify Your Work

You give us rate parameters, and your dedicated team member will manage your room rates and listings across all channels.


What We Do

Our Expertise Is Your Gain

Our team offers 20+ years experience working for the world's largest online travel and hotel brands. Combine this knowledge with our ability to leverage powerful revenue generating engines, and our goal of making budget and midscale hotels, bed & breakfasts and guest houses more successful through standardization, and we’ll get incredible results together.


Sell Rooms On All
Channels Automatically

Get access to an intuitive reservation system and mobile app to manage all rooms across all channels in real-time. Our system offers seamless distribution that automatically updates availability, rate and inventory to 200+ channels. This maximizes demand while avoiding over-booking and channel conflicts.


Automate Running your Property and Drive Direct Bookings

An all-in-one front-desk property management system helps take care of reservations, guest check-ins and checkouts, room inventory updates, payments processing, automated guest emails, housekeeping and more. Accessible to you from anywhere via computer, tablet or smartphone.

Each property also gets access to a booking engine that drives direct bookings, reducing your commissions paid to online travel agencies.


Sell Rooms At The Right Price At The Right Time

Sit back and let our team handle your properties rates across all channels including online travel agencies to help you maximize your profits. You provide rate parameters, and our team and technology will adjust your rates using revenue management strategies like open pricing and analysis of real-time competitor rate shopping, occupancy levels, historical data, events, market dynamics and more.

Elevated Standards

At Elevate Rooms, every property is unique. No matter how large or small it is, we’ll provide the same consistent experience and dedication, and we’ll always keep it authentic to its roots.

All Elevate properties come with the promise of consistency and essential comforts to alleviate guests concerns and anxieties.


Clean Rooms

No mystery stains.


Comfortable Beds

So guests are well-rested.


Affordable Prices

Without ever skimping on quality.


Free WiFi

Because everyone needs a little WiFi.


Plus, A Host Of Other Benefits At No Additional Cost


Dedicated Support

Call, email, text or chat, get assistance whenever you need it.



Professional and on-brand photos of your property.



Simple standard operating procedure, including a housekeeping checklist and front desk manual.



Cost-effective sourcing that delivers up to 15% savings from top hotel suppliers.


Why We're Better

No Long Term Contracts. No Direct Costs.


We do things different at Elevate. Sure, having a traditional hotel brand behind you has its benefits, we understand. But there’s one problem...or three. These models favour the big players. Smaller property owners may be hit by multiple fees, and cornered into one-size-fits-all rules and long contracts.

Not only do we believe size doesn’t matter, we’ve also eliminated all of the unfair and unnecessary fees that frankly, aren’t your problem.

Join Elevate and discover how your property can go from independent to powerhouse in less than a week!


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