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Our dynamic distribution tools, robust technology and
hands-on support team help ensure our partners benefit
from a clear competitive advantage, with a strategy to
maximize direct revenue.

Owner-focused approach.

Elevate provides a consistent experience and dedication
to success to each property, no matter how large or small.
And we’ll always keep your unique property authentic to
its roots.

Your success is our success.

We don’t do joining fees, monthly subscription fees or
set-up costs. We work on a simple pay-for-performance
model, where we are only compensated when you sell

Founder’s Story

I have been enamored with travel since childhood. Growing up in a bustling city in India, my parents would often take me traveling with them, staying in all types of hotels. While I loved exploring new places and different cultures, my favorite part was staying at the hotel. I grew to love the luxury hotels, and treatment that came with them, but what I was really drawn to was something more than that.

Years later, I was studying the hospitality trade and was soon working for the largest Online Travel Agency in the world. It was around then that the explanation behind my long-standing obsession clicked… Staying in a guest accommodation is, above everything, about the experience – it’s about knowing, with full confidence, that you’re going to have a positive and memorable experience – every time. Especially since, unlike a bad haircut, a vacation usually requires your valuable time and savings.

So there it was – that’s when I knew that consistency – rather than a number of stars – was not only what makes the guest experience great, but it was the key factor to my love of hotels.

I eventually began working with small properties and noticed while each had unique strengths and weaknesses, there was one element of consistency that each one shared: their passion and drive to offer the best possible experience. These passionate owners were inspiring. But were also the ones getting thrown around by the big chains and boutique hotels.

I knew that something had to be done. What if there was a place as reliable and consistently pleasant as a hotel, but with all the warmth and uniqueness of a small boutique B&B?

That’s why I founded Elevate — because you should never have to choose between comfort and price. We can help you offer your guests both, and power your productivity while preserving your unique brand.

Join the family.

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Fast career growth

Big mission

Our team is growing like crazy, and we’re looking for passionate and motivated hospitality professionals to join us as we head into a very exciting year.

Expand your career and join a fantastic team. We look forward to working with you!

Empower Small Business Owners

“Think of Elevate Rooms as the dedicated spokesperson for our accommodation partners. We are committed to ensuring that every step we take makes a difference in the online distribution and business growth of our partners. Building a network of proud owners who thrive on providing their guests with wonderful experiences is our top priority.”

Senior Market Manager

Cultivate Relationships and Nurture Passion

“At Elevate, we unite those who share a passion for travel. We are building a network of individuals who recognize the true value of loyalty and personal connection – that goes for both our internal team as well as our esteemed alliance of partners. Together, we hold the key to fostering a revolutionary vision of passion-driven travel.”

Senior Global Initiatives Manager

Build Confidence, Power and Credibility

“Elevate Rooms is the breakthrough that provides small and midscale hospitality businesses with the ability to survive and thrive in a fiercely competitive market saturated by large, multinational chains. Tackling such a challenge requires a strong team that has the flexibility to communicate both internally and with its customers.”


Associate Market Manager