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propriétaire, vous appartenez avec Elevate chambres!

Pas de commissions.

Sans intermédiaire, vous gardez les gains que vous méritez.

Réservations toute l'année.

Nous ciblons les bons clients, au bon moment, pour vous aider à remplir les chambres de la haute saison à la basse saison.

Partenariats dans le domaine de l'énergie.

Profitez de notre partenariatsansfrais inutileset sanscontrats immobilisés.

Elevate intègre huit outils et avantages inestimables dans un système unique, transparent et convivial.

Autonomiser les propriétés indépendantes

Elevate Rooms offre aux chambres d’hôtes, maisons, hôtels et motels la puissance d’un système de marketing unique, de réseaux de distribution centralisés et d’une alliance bénéfique.

Nous pouvons intervenir pour vous aider autant ou aussi peu que vous le souhaitez – vous êtes toujours au control.

“We needed help with getting the most value out of our establishment, and offloading some of the day to day tasks. As a family owned and operated Bed & Breakfast, it was important to partner with a company we could trust.

Elevate Rooms made us feel comfortable and excited with their team and vision. Since partnering with them, we’ve seen an increase in our bookings during our slow seasons, plus, having all of our bookings updated seamlessly in the Elevate system has decreased our daily operational duties, allowing us to focus our time on other projects.

We highly recommend partnering with Elevate Rooms to enhance any property.”

Owner, Hillcrest Farm Market Bed & Breakfast by Elevate Rooms

“Partnering with Elevate Rooms made it so much easier for us to run our family hotel in Richmond, BC. Zoe was there to help me every step of the way, any time I needed it, from putting our listings together to managing reservations so we never had to worry about overbookings. Their booking system was easy to use and helpful in allowing us to view bookings made through other websites.

We want to send a huge thank you to Elevate Rooms for helping us get organized and make lots of new reservations. We’re very happy with the services!

Owner, Charming Family Hotel by Elevate Rooms

One of the best business decisions we ever made was partnering with Elevate. Why? Not only do they give you all the tools you need to run your property, stress-free, but they are available every step of the way!

Tushar and the rest of the Elevate team were very responsive, and always there to help when you need it. The market managers had extraordinary knowledge of our property from the get-go, and after partnering, we saw our bookings skyrocket!

With Elevate by our side, we can focus on what we do best – taking care of our property and our guests, while knowing that everything is running smoothly!”

Owner, Parkside Retreat B&B by Elevate Rooms

“Elevate Rooms provided us with easy-to-use tools for managing reservations at our Calgary Bed & Breakfast. Their Property Management System made our days easier and more time efficient compared to before.

The customer service and support we receive from Elevate Rooms is out of this world. They truly took the time to learn our brand positioning and our property to provide a personal touch that makes all the difference.

And the best part - since becoming partners our bookings have greatly accelerated! Mission accomplished.”

Owner, Calgary Westways Guest House by Elevate Rooms

“Let me start off by saying how much we love the team at Elevate and the service they provide. We are a family owned motel and needed help competing with chains without sacrificing our own unique appeal.

Working with Elevate Rooms felt like a true, equal partnership. I was never pressured into signing contracts or upfront fees, which was a huge relief. And their customer service is the best of the best - Account managers from Elevate were in touch with me almost immediately any time I needed help.

We are very happy with the service provided, nothing could possibly be better.
Owner, Star Inn Motel by Elevate Rooms

“Since partnering with Elevate Rooms early last year, the increase we’ve seen in our bookings has been incredible. Having all our calendars updated and synchronized by Elevate has been a relief on our day to day operational duties. We were contacted by Tushar Roy at Elevate Rooms, and soon after, experienced all of the benefits firsthand.

We highly recommend partnering up with Elevate Rooms, and their professional services that have improved our bed and breakfast business in Niagara Falls.”
John Hiripis and Christalla Kouroushis
Owners, Always Inn Bed & Breakfast by Elevate Rooms

“I was able to rely on the Elevate team for support throughout the entire process. I could call or text at any time, and not once did I have an issue getting my questions or concerns answered in a timely manner!

I cannot even begin to explain how much of our stress has been alleviated since Elevate Rooms stepped in. Everything just seems to run so much smoother.”
Ice Zhu
Owner, Taigh Ice Guest House by Elevate Rooms

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